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Sandra Miniere, M.Ed.
Professional Coach

Leadership Coaching from the Inside Out












I offer a free “Lead with Your Best” telephone coaching session.

During the session you will:

1) Create a clear vision for the results you want the team to produce.

2) Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging success.

3) Leave the session feeling re-energized and inspired to create an effective team that gets things done.

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Are you having the impact you want to have in your organization?

Are your team members committed to doing their best?

Are you realizing your highest potential as a leader?

Sandra Miniere, M.Ed., is an experienced specialist in human development and behavior change. She inspires the top leaders in an organization to improve their leadership skills and grow in confidence as they motivate their team, implement effective change and accomplish their vision.

Sandra’s clients move rapidly through the self-limiting behaviors and external obstacles that get in the way of achieving their vision and goals. She provides specific feedback and direction that leads to a results oriented action plan. Her clients make positive, long-lasting behavior changes as they significantly improve cooperation, productivity and profits.

Leadership coaching is a time to commit to excellence and inspire others to do the same. Even in these challenging times, Sandra’s clients are exceeding their coaching goals and achieving financial success.

Benefits of Coaching:

  • High Return on investment
  • Improved productivity
  • Strong, cohesive and empowering team relationships
  • Personal growth for the leader and team members

According to a recent International Coach Federation survey, companies that use or have used professional coaching for business reasons have received a median return on investment of 700% (7 times their initial coaching investment)!

Leadership coaching with Sandra Miniere is a transformational
journey that benefits the individual as well as the organization.

Coaching Solutions for the Evolving Leader
Sandra Miniere